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Among Us Hide and Seek Release Date: When is the new mode being added?

At yesterday’s opening conference of Summer Games Fest, huge new additions to Among Us were announced. From new skins and tasks to a new map, there was a lot. The main highlight, though, is the new Among Us Hide and Seek mode. It’s a straightforward concept based on the much-loved game. Catch up on what it involves, and its release date.

When is the Among Us Hide and Seek mode being added?

Among Us Hide and Seek mode

Currently, developers Innersloth haven’t yet announced a release date for the Hide and Seek mode.

All fans know is that it won’t be in the upcoming update, as confirmed by Innersloth’s own blog post. The next update brings new colors and a fifteen-player option, but the Hide and Seek mode will be released further in the future. However, Innersloth does say in the post that ‘there’s A LOT to be excited for in the coming months.’ This might suggest it’ll be here before the end of the year.

There aren’t many details yet on what the Among Us Hide and Seek mode will contain. The roadmap trailer, debuted at the Summer Games Fest, shows the seeker crewmate lurking around, hunting for players hidden across the map. That’s all we have so far, but it’s sure to be a fun addition to the gameplay of Among Us.

Also announced in the Among Us teaser is a new map, that’s being kept tightly under wraps. The only information we have is a tiny snippet image from the trailer, showing a blue lamp – but that’s it. We also know that console support is on its way, as well as achievements, cross-platform account linking, and more cosmetics.

In other news, Among Us brought back the horrifyingly realistic Geoff Keighley mask yesterday, to celebrate the start of Summer Games Fest 2021. Other games were revealed at the conference, including the much-anticipated Elden Ring, and Borderlands spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.