Box art - Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush: How to change AI difficulty settings

Players are struggling to discover how to change AI difficulty in Mario Golf: Super Rush, the latest game in Nintendo’s golf series. There doesn’t seem to be any immediately obvious way to adjust Mario Golf: Super Rush difficulty settings for AI opponents, at least, not as easily as it can be done in the Super Smash Bros games. Is there a way to increase or decrease AI difficulty in Mario Golf: Super Rush? Let’s have a look.

Can you change Mario Golf: Super Rush difficulty settings?

Mario Golf: Super Rush: How to unlock new courses

The AI difficulty in Mario Golf: Super Rush seems to be tied to the type of club the player assigns their opponents. AI characters can be equipped with Star or Super Star clubs immediately, even if the player hasn’t unlocked these for themselves. Equip an AI opponent with a better or worse club and it should make them either easier or harder to beat.

At first glance, there is no direct way to change AI difficulty up or down in Mario Golf: Super Rush in the same way as with Mario Kart or Smash Bros, so hopefully changing clubs works as it seems to — otherwise, players are reliant on the usual rubber-band AI that Nintendo puts in most of its games, including previous Mario Golf titles.

The next big questions about Mario Golf: Super Rush concern courses and characters. Are there any unlockable playable characters in the game? Here’s all the info about Super Rush’s character. How do players unlock new courses, and are there any secret maps? Head here to find out all about the game’s courses.

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