How to fix New World VOIP login failed

New World is a brand-new MMORPG from Amazon Game Studios, in which users are currently experiencing problems with voice chat. The “VOIP Channel Join Failed” error message is popping up constantly and proving to be very distracting. So, is there a New World VOIP login failed fix? Here’s the need-to-know info on solving the Voice Over Internet Protocol (IP) bug for PC.

New World VOIP login failed fix

New World VOIP login failed fix

Here’s what to do if the New World VOIP login fails, resulting in the “VOIP Channel Join Failed” notification:

  1. Pause New World during gameplay.
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” tab.
  3. Select the “Communications” option.
  4. Toggle “Voice Chat Mode” to the “Disabled” setting.

After following the above steps, the New World “VOIP Channel Join Failed” error pop-up will stop appearing in-game. It isn’t yet known what the cause of this issue is, but, since it’s so widespread, it’s likely a server-side glitch. As a result, Amazon should eventually solve the problem and players simply need to sit tight in the meantime.

Until then, disabling New World’s in-game voice chat option will stop the persistent VOIP error from reoccurring. Should users wish to communicate with friends while playing New World, it’s advisable to utilize a third-party chat voice app like Discord. As for communicating with random players, there’s always the trusty in-game text chat.

New World is currently in closed beta, though the test could open up to everyone starting next month. An apparent slip up from Amazon led to players receiving emails referencing an “Open Beta Test,” though there’s otherwise been no mention of it. Although the beta could soon be playable for more PC users, there’s bad news for anyone waiting on console versions.

PC gamers lucky enough to have their hands on an RTX 3090 GPU might want to avoid playing New World, however. According to reports, the game can brick these expensive graphics cards.