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Can Black Adam Beat Superman? Dwayne Johnson Vs Henry Cavill Movie

If it ever happened, can Black Adam beat Superman? With the rumors of a Dwayne Johnson vs Henry Cavill showdown — following the supposed leak of the Black Adam post-credits scene that purportedly teases a Black Adam vs Superman movie — would the Man of Steel prevail over the power of Shazam? Let’s find out.

Who would win a Black Adam vs Superman movie?

Black Adam and Superman have a very similar level of power, so in a fight, it would be by no means certain which one would win. However, in a completely one-on-one battle with no external factors or influences, Black Adam possibly has the edge over the Man of Steel and would beat Superman in a fight.

In terms of powers, Black Adam and Superman are pretty evenly matched. Both have super-strength, super-speed, flight powers, and are pretty much invulnerable to most things. Superman is slightly tougher than Black Adam in these areas, but not by much. Teth-Adam can fire powerful lightning blasts from his hands and call down an explosive blast from the sky, although this can change him back to his human form. Superman has heat vision, freeze breath, and super-hearing.

However, what usually gives Black Adam the edge is a combination of ruthlessness — Superman will always hold back — and magical abilities. Black Adam’s powers are all based on magic, which is one of Superman’s weaknesses. Whenever Black Adam and Superman fought, either in comics or animation, Superman often needs help to beat him — either Shazam or the Justice League. Even in the Injustice comic, which features a ruthless Superman, the Man of Steel needs the League’s help to beat Adam.

If a Black Adam vs Superman movie happens, starring Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill, then it will be interesting to see how things go down. Will the Justice Society and the Justice League fight in the movie too? Fans will have to wait and see, and check out the Black Adam movie for any possible hints.

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