Gotham Knights Collectibles

Gotham Knights Collectibles: How to Find Batarangs, Graffiti, and Historic Markers

There is a wealth of Gotham Knights collectibles that you can find peppered throughout the city, similar to the other Batman Arkham games. As you progress through Gotham Knights, you’ll receive emails from other characters like Tim Drake and Dick Grayson who want your assistance in locating Batman’s missing batarangs (for parkour training), graffiti art (for Tim’s street art project), and historic markers (for Gotham Historical Circuit). Here’s how to find these collectibles without tearing your bat ears out.

How to find Gotham Knights collectibles

Graffiti is the easiest to spot.

Once you have these side missions sent to your inbox, you can start doing sweeps of the city by using the AR scanner by pressing down on the keypad. If a collectible is within the ping radius, it will be highlighted in yellow and viewable through walls and barriers.

Look for the small yellow plague to find historical markers.

Since the AR tags entire walls, locating all of the Graffiti art will be quite easy. Historical Markers are somewhat harder to find as they are smaller, but since the markers are attached to an object that’s attached to something at ground level, they are also quite obvious.

Batarangs are barely highlighted and by far the toughest to find.

Batarangs, on the other hand, are extremely difficult to miss because they are extremely tiny. Outside of the AR scanner, they are highlighted by a small pillar of bright blue light, but the batarangs are so small that they’re easy to pass by. And given the number of lights in the city, they can sort of blend into the background.

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