Overwatch 2 Roadhog Rework
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Overwatch 2: Is a Roadhog Rework or Nerf Coming?

Roadhog has been the talk of the town among Overwatch 2 players, with many considering his damage to have been OP for too long and calling for a nerf or rework. These Roadhog concerns far outweigh recent issues like Zarya’s overpowered Total Mayhem stats, with genuine concern from fans who think it’s gone on far too long.

Recently, the game’s director went on record with NME to correct the assumption of Roadhog being built better than other tank Heroes and clarified that it was the changes in Overwatch 2 that happened around Roadhog that allowed him to become the in-game terror that he is now.

Overwatch 2: When is Roadhog being nerfed?

While there’s no official date set for Roadhog rework, Aaron Keller, director of Overwatch 2 has confirmed Roadhog’s damage will be nerfed soon, due to the Hero’s overperformance and current ability to one-shot kill while maintaining high health. However, Keller noted that it would take time in order to do so, given that too many alterations could make him completely unplayable.

“It would be very easy for us to change him so much that he becomes unplayable, or nerfed so hard that people would think he was a throw pick,” Keller said.

The issue for Roadhog currently lies in how Blizzard implements the changes, with concerns surrounding a small change possibly cascading into the player base abandoning the character entirely in favor of more meta Heroes.

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