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How to arrest characters in Watch Dogs: Legion

Playable characters in Watch Dogs: Legion all have occupations and related skills. Some of these are more exciting than others, like the ability to put enemies and other NPCs in handcuffs. For players wanting to dish out their own brand of justice, here’s how to arrest characters in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to place characters under arrest in Watch Dogs: Legion

How to arrest characters in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion allows users to play their way. The different DedSec recruits all play differently (with the Beekeeper being a highlight), while users can also choose whether to play lethally or non-lethally. Though sparing lives is noble and all, there’s no justice in slipping by enemies without enacting a little dose of karma on them. This is where the ability to handcuff and arrest enemies can come into play.

To arrest characters in Watch Dogs: Legion, players must first recruit a police officer. Policemen and policewomen can be found patrolling the streets of London, then recruited as DedSec Operatives by approaching them and completing their recruitment mission. Now simply switch to controlling the police officer and equip their handcuffs from the weapon wheel; when approaching an NPC from behind, follow the on-screen prompt to arrest them.

What does arresting characters do in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Arrested characters are effectively neutralized, so handcuffing enemies is a great way to non-lethally deal with foes. Of course, civilians can also be placed under arrest in Watch Dogs: Legion, along with fellow DedSec Operatives. Freeing arrested characters will cause them to thank the player, almost as if they’ve forgotten who placed them in shackles. This doesn’t work as a sneaky way to win favor with potential recruits, however.

It’s definitely worth having a British bobby on the playable character roster; being able to handcuff and arrest characters in Watch Dogs: Legion is a lot of fun, easily earning a police officer one of the limited available Operative slots. Fortunately, though, there’s a way to make room for more if the DedSec recruitment cap has already been hit.