Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Killstreaks and Perks Leaked?

Hey! You! Do you like playing Call of Duty? Are you excited for Modern Warfare 3? What do you play first: single-player or multiplayer?

If you answered "yes, yes, and multiplayer" then here's some news you might be interested in. This is, reportedly, the complete list of killstreaks and multiplayer perks. There are two separate lists for kill streaks, none of which include the "nuke," thank God, and a laundry list of perks. There's also, apparently, a Specialist Killstreak list that allows players to gain new perks with successive kills. Let's dive in:

Assault Killstreaks:

4 Kills – Care Package

5 Kills – IMS – 3 or 4 placeable landmines that cannot be stunned or flashed

5 Kills – Predator Missile

5 Kills – Sentry Gun

6 Kills – Precision Airstrike

7 Kills – Attack Helicopter

7 Kills – Little Bird Flock – Mini Helicopters which patrol the map

9 Kills – Little Bird Guard – Big Helicopter that follows you from above and protects you

9 Kills – Mortar team – Mortar team but with 5 predator missiles – all go off at the same time in different places

10 Kills – Talcon – Mini Tank Robot

12 Kills – AC130

12 Kills – Pavelow

15 Kills – Juggernaught Suit – From spec Ops ( for anyone who sais in the spec ops video he gets it at 14 kills, well thats because he has hardline on)

Support Killstreaks:

4 Kills – UAV

5 Kills – Counter UAV

5 Kills – Ballistic Duffel – Drop Juggernaught perk for the whole team, not jugg suit

5 Kills – Airdrop Trap – Drops a hacked care package

8 Kills – Sam Turret

10 Kills – Remote UAV – Target enemies with missiles

12 Kills – Advanced UAV – Blackbird

12 Kills – Remote Turret – Sentry Gun that you can control

12 Kills – Stealth Bomber

18 Kills – EMP

18 Kills – Juggernaught Recon Armour – Care Package Drop Armour

18 Kills – Escort Airdrop – Drops 5 care packages, one will be hacked

Specialist Killstreak:

2 Kills – You get 1 extra perk

4 Kills – Get another perk

6 Kills – Get another perk

Perks: (+ denotes what is added after earning the Pro version of the perk)

Tier 1:

Extreme Conditioning – Sprint longer distances + Climb obstacles faster

Sleight Of Hand – Reload faster + Faster weapon swapping

Scavanger – Reload ammo from bags + Spawn with more ammo

Blind Eye – Undetectable from air support + Faster launcher lock on and extra damage to air support

Recon – Explosive damage marks target on HUD + Bullet damage marks target on HUD

Tier 2:

Hardline – One less kill for Killstreak + Two assists count as a kill towards next killstreak

Assassin – Immune to UAV, Motion Sensor, Thermal and Heartbeat Sensor + Immune to CUAV & EMP

Overkill – Two primary weapons + Second primary can have 2 attachments

Quckdraw – Faster aim down sights + Faster animation of using equipment and throwing grenade

Blastshield – Flack Jacket (Immune to most explosives) + Immune to stuns and flashes

Tier 3:

Sitrep – Enemy equipment is visible + Enemy footsteps are more clear

Dead Silence – Your footsteps are silent + No fall damage

Stalker – Faster movement with ADS + Delay on claymores

Marksman – ID target from range + Longer hold breath on scoped weapons

Steady Aim – Increased hip fire accuracy + Faster aim down sight while sprinting.

Well, does any single killstreak or perk stand out as unbalance to you this early in the game? What of the dual killstreak trees? More multiplayer information will be revealed at Call of Duty XP in LA following PAX.