Grandia II Is Getting a Steam Release

GungHo America has announced that Grandia II, the beloved Dreamcast Japanese role-playing game from developer Game Arts, is making its way to digital download in the form of a remastered port.

The game will launch on Steam, complete with achievements, Trading Cards, and upgraded visuals. Oh, and you'll be able to play it with either a keyboard and mouse or traditional controller. 

"With the rise of digital downloads, it is especially important that classic games continue to remain available to play in some form," GungHo America's Jun Iwasaki told GameSpot. "Grandia II was chosen for a PC re-release because it represents both a hallmark of the Grandia series and an example of how great JRPGs can be."

Are you looking forward to re-playing (or perhaps experiencing for the first time) Grandia II on Steam? It's been years since I've given it a go myself, so I'm quite looking forward to diving back in.

Grandia II was originally on the Dreamcast and later ported to PC and PS2. The new version is an enhancement of the Dreamcast release.