Destiny 2 Crimson Days Event Leaked Ahead of Rumored Launch

The rumored Destiny 2 Crimson Days event has reportedly been leaked ahead of its launch, with players gathering data mined information pertaining to the game’s Valentine’s Day event.

Speculation that Crimson Days would be returning to Destiny 2 was first reported yesterday, when data mined files pointed towards a February launch. Now more data mined information has surfaced, with Reddit user Ginsor posting their findings to the Destiny subreddit.

Though much of Crimson Days’ additions appear to be linked to the Eververse and customization options, there will also reportedly be some PvP additions, such as a Crucible Doubles mode. Here’s a rundown of the key data mined information:

  • A new themed Eververse box with red items inside of it.
  • Crucible Doubles mode
  • Crucible Sudden Death mode
  • Shaders and mods “in the colors of roses, love, and other bonds – capture the spirit of this year’s Crimson Days celebrations.”
  • Crimson Days Ghost shells and emotes
  • Tyra Karn is involved, with her having “a certain fondness for the holiday.”

On top of this, two images were also released containing shaders and ornaments:

Along with some new icons:

Bungie has yet to officially confirm that the Destiny 2 Crimson Days event is on its way, but with all this information having been leaked it seems likely that the developer will make an announcement sooner rather than later.