Downward Spiral: Horus Station Is a New Anti-Gravity Space Thriller for PS4 and PC

3rd Eye Studios has announced Downward Spiral: Horus Station,  a new zero-gravity space thriller for the PS4 and PC.

With optional support for PS VR, Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality, the game is playable on both a normal screen and/or VR headset. Have you ever wondered what a game inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, Twin Peaks, Black Mirror, and There Will Be Blood would be like? According to the developers, those are the main inspirations for Downward Spiral: Horus Station.

Downward Spiral: Horus Station takes place in a lost vessel abandoned by its crew. Players will have to solve the mystery of the space station by using the ship’s maintenance hardware, including bolt throwers, rail guns, and arc welders, to defeat unknown threats and puzzles.

What sets the game apart is the heavy emphasis on visual storytelling, as the game features no dialogue or conventional cinematics at all. Instead, players must rely on their observation and interpretation skills to piece together the plot. Even without traditional voiceovers or audio diaries, players will be listening to an atmospheric electronic soundtrack composed by HIM frontman Ville Valo while navigating the space station.

3rd Eye Studios will be introducing an innovative control system that redefines movement in zero-gravity. Instead of simply floating and flailing around, players will have to push themselves off of the environment to propel themselves forward or use hardware like the hand thruster or grappling magnet to move around in deep space.

Players who prefer to play with friends will be glad to know that there will be a two-player co-op mode for to explore the space station as a duo. Those who prefer to only experience the story may do so with the option to turn off the combat completely in ‘Explorer’ mode. Additionally, there are eight-player PvP and PvE multiplayer modes, which includes Deathmatch, Horde and Survivor challenges.

Downward Spiral: Horus Station is slated for a Spring 2018 release window. For more information, visit the official website.