Pearl and Marina Amiibo Announced with Puntastic Splatoon 2 Trailer

Roll up, roll up Splatoon 2 fans. Pearl and Marina amiibo are on the way. If you think that’s ink-redible, just wait until you see the designs and musical trailer, complete with the best/worst puns this side of Inkopolis.

The amiibo, which have been confirmed by Nintendo as releasing later in 2018, will come in a two-pack and retail in the US for $24.99. UK and European prices have yet to be finalised.

The duo, who make up in-game pop act Off The Hook, are among the series’ most popular characters, and it was only a matter of time before they revealed the accompanying amiibo. While the special features that will inevitably come with using the Pearl and Marina amiibo have yet to be announced, the grand reveal did see the two – and I’m not kidding here – perform their own live concert before the short trailer.

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The trailer, which you can see below, has some groanworthy wordplay set to one of Off The Hook’s songs. Grammy-winning stuff it ain’t. The designs, though, are some of the best to come out of Nintendo in quite some time. The first wave of Splatoon amiibo were nothing to phone home about; this is undoubtedly a definitive improvement, with the dynamic flourishes of paint sure to make the figures stand out on any shelf.

It’s some feat that Nintendo have ground out so much merch with Splatoon 2 and its amiibo range. They’ll be painting the town red with the profits, I’m sure. In fact, the Pearl and Marina amiibo mark the 164th and 165th figures to be released since they started rolling out in 2014. Who’s looking forward to adding them to their collection?