PUBG Artwork Looks Suspiciously Similar to Destiny 2 Artwork

It’s always been fun tracking the trends of video game artwork. Shooters, in particular, are forever decorating their boxes with a single soldier facing away from the camera. It’s hard to tell whether it’s “copying,” and if it is, then who came up with the idea first? The “soldier facing away” has become a cliche, and no one really bats an eyelid any more. It’s a style choice that’s expected.

What’s not expected, however, is artwork for a huge game like the Chinese version of PUBG to blatantly copy another huge game like Destiny 2. And when I use the word “blatantly,” I mean it! Just look at the images below, provided by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter:

Not very subtle, huh? Daniel Ahmad also pointed out the poster for a Chinese animated movie, which closely resembles artwork from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

I mean, come on now? There’s attempting to rip-off a smaller game, taking slight inspirations from it, and then there’s this! I don’t think anyone can defend PUBG here — I mean, look at it! The soldiers’ stances, and everything! — and that Chinese movie needs to tone it down a bit, too.

Stay tuned for any updates to this story, as it’s very likely that PUBG and/or Destiny representatives will have something to add.