Skyrim Port Studio Wants a Shot at Monster Hunter World Switch

The studio which ported Skyrim over to Nintendo Switch has thrown its hat in the ring for a chance at bringing Monster Hunter World to Switch. Iron Galaxy Studios CEO Adam Boyes said on Twitter that he would, in essence, welcome the challenge of making Monster Hunter World Switch a reality, stating “Give us a shot and we won’t let you down.”

Capcom has been very vocal about the chances of Monster Hunter World Switch being possible (about slim-to-none) and, yet, this is the closest we’ve come yet to seeing the Monster Hunter series make a welcome return to Nintendo where, lest we forget, it spent much of the past accruing a considerable cult following.

While Capcom has yet to reply to Boyes’ olive branch, it’s something that the publishing giant may have to mull over for a little bit more. The game’s sales have already eclipsed all expectations (becoming Capcom’s best-selling game ever) so the need to put time, money and effort into Monster Hunter World Switch is probably reducing day-by-day.

However, for Nintendo to prove they can really compete with the big boys again, there would be no better signal of intent than porting over one of 2018’s biggest hits, and a surefire homerun for the imminent release of Nintendo’s online service. Adding on to that, Iron Galaxy Studios has already shown it can bring over a hugely complex and graphically powerful game and squeeze it into one of the Switch’s tiny cartridges. Monster Hunter World Switch could be a whole ‘nother kettle of fish but, whisper it, it could just work.