Shadow of the Colossus Team is Remaking Another Classic

After Bluepoint Games stunning remake of Shadow of the Colossus, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise for fans of the company to hear that they’ll be setting their sights on another remake. Score one for nostalgia! The remaster of Shadow of the Colossus was met with fantastic reviews all around, many already claiming Shadow of the Colossus their game of the year already. With such fervor surrounding Bluepoint and their fantastic game, in a new interview, the team behind Shadow of the Colossus answered some questions about “whether the expanded art team brought on for the project would be deployed next on an original game.”

Not willing to beat around the bush, Bluepoint’s president and co-owner Marco Thrush had this to say to Digital Foundry: “Well, we could but we’re doing another remake.” He continued: “This project served us as a great point of growing the art team to the point where we can take on a full triple-A game major scope of art content. So now our next step is, let’s improve the art pipeline, let’s improve the engine, let’s improve workflow for artists, let’s grow on the art side some more to handle our next project because it’s a bit bigger.”

It seems obvious that Bluepoint is looking to expand the studio, growing over time in order to meet the needs of each game it sets its sights on. The developer seems ready to tackle anything thrown at it, but does that mean that it will never try to make its own games in the future? Thankfully Peter Dalton, Bluepoint’s technical director, answered this question too. He said: “One area that we’ve not explored very deeply is, ‘What does our design prowess look like? What is our ability to build something original and to expand it, rather than just upgrading something?’ and so we look at those things and we are constantly trying to enhance and strengthen the studio to get to a point where, yeah, doing original development or whatever comes our way, we’re fully capable of doing it.”

But what could that remake be? A remaster of Demon Souls or maybe something else? It has in fact been the backbone behind the remastered Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection, so why not? So while Bluepoint Games didn’t confirm the game it’s working on, the technical prowess displayed while remaking Shadow of the Colossus is something to be respected and shows that, whatever it is that the company is working on, it’ll be in safe hands.