Games for Change Montage Counteracts White House’s Violent Perspective of Video Games

Games for Change has recently released a montage in response to the White House’s accusatory video of violence in video games. The Games for Change montage directly counteracts this violence, however, by showing video games as a piece of something incredibly beautiful that can change people’s lives in various ways.  Ever since the White House released a video detailing violence in video games, people haven’t exactly been pleased about video games being used as a scapegoat for gun crimes in America. You can watch the unlisted video (which wasn’t age rated at all, by the way) that was released from the White House’s YouTube account below. Be mindful that yes, this is a violent video and you probably shouldn’t watch in public.

While there is violence in video games, it cannot be denied that this seems all very carefully put together. This is an opinion that Games for Change also agreed with, and their response to the White House is nothing short of perfection. Instead of focusing on the violent parts of video games, the Games for Change montage includes scenes from awe-inspiring games such as Abzu, Horizon Zero Dawn, Celeste and Life is Strange. These games, as well as the many others that were included in Games for Change’s montage, are depicted in a loving light, a light that many players are well aware of when judging the games they play.

Not all games are violent and incite violent reactions within their players. In fact, one of the main emotions that the montage focused on was happiness. In Games for Change’s montage video, the description sums up the group’s intent: “We wanted to create our own version, at the same length, to challenge the White House’s misdirected blame being placed upon video games. We urge you to join us in celebrating the multifaceted features of video games: the beauty, creativity, and joy that is inherent in this medium.”

Games for Change then went on to address those who make the games we all know and love: “To all you game developers and players who create and use games to connect with friends, to relax, to share experiences, to learn about new things, to inspire, to explore the unknown – this is for you!”

Games for Change’s montage showed a different perspective of video games – one that gamers recognized. See for yourself below and tell us at GR what you think.