Fortnite Streamer Ninja Smashes win Streak Record

It isn’t exactly easy to smash a record, yet Fortnite streamer Ninja has managed to do just that! As previously stated, smashing a record isn’t just a walk in the park, particularly when it comes to video games. There’s a lot of factors to consider that could turn the tide you’ve been riding on against you, such as lag (something we all know about far too well), maps that you aren’t familiar with, your teammates sucking, your opponents seemingly being gods or maybe you just having a bad day at gaming in general. So when you get that winning streak, it means something doesn’t it? Ninja, however, who recently played Fortnite with Drake, took the phrase ‘winning streak’ to the next level and broke a PC record for the game.

In a recent stream by Ninja his fans watched as he won twenty (yes that’s right, twenty) duo games in a row. Fortnite players and fans alike know that winning once is no easy feat, never mind twenty times. Of course, Ninja did have some ups and downs with his record, coming close to nearly dying more than a few occasions but managed to pull through and take the record with a happy victory dance. You can check out that moment below:

Ninja truly is as talented as his fans make him out to be. Considering the toxicity of streamers lately, Ninja’s carefree, joyful attitude really does feel like a breath of fresh air. It’s a fantastic talent, being able to talk, play and entertain viewers is something that not many streamers are capable of doing yet Ninja excels at it.

As Fortnite continues to grow, so does Ninja’s popularity and we’re still not sure what the well-loved streamer will do next. We just know we can’t wait.