Spyro Treasure Trilogy Confirmed by Retailer on Social Media

Uh-oh. Somebody’s in trouble. With the incessant rumors of the Spyro Treasure Trilogy release date having come and gone, it seemed as if the purple dragon would again be resigned to being a big ol’ missed opportunity to give Activision a license to print money. Target clearly didn’t get the memo. In fact, they appear to have stoked the fires by confirming the game’s existence.

AskTarget, Target’s oh-so-helpful social media account dealing with questions and queries, answered a fan’s question about when they could pre-order the Spyro Treasure Trilogy (lest we forget, this has been nothing but a pipe dream up until this point) by being the first ones to officially confirm the remaster compilation. Oops. A further tweet even gives us a release window of ‘late 2018.’

Expect that tweet to be swiftly removed which, if anything, won’t do much to douse the speculation surrounding the game. Fans want this game – and they want it yesterday. Unless it isn’t real (which is unlikely, given the many hoops a verified social media presence would have to jump through just to post something) then it only benefits Activision to release official, official confirmation of the Spyro Treasure Trilogy being a thing sooner rather than later.

Previous rumors indicated an announcement was due to arrive sometime last week. Since then: radio silence. A collection of the first three Spyro games from the PS1 era would follow in the sneaker-filled footsteps of 2017’s N. Sane Trilogy which brought together fellow PlayStation mascot Crash Bandicoot’s first three titles.

As for right now? Target is our greatest source. And the tweet still hasn’t been taken down! You brave, brave social media intern. Keep fighting the good fight.