Detroit: Become Human Gets Three New Character-Centric Trailers

Detroit: Become Human is nothing without its robots. Quantic Dream has seen fit to highlight the main triumvirate of androids that we’ll be playing us once the game hits on May 25 with a trio of character-driven trailers that paint us an often-grim picture of where the key players are by the time we step into their robo-shoes.

Meet Connor, Kara and Markus. You’ll be spending a considerable chunk time with each character during Detroit: Become Human’s playtime and, though all three are androids, they each have different functions and goals that sets them apart from each other.

Connor, a prototype android, is designed to help human detectives track down deviant androids. He’ll be teaming up throughout the game with Lt. Anderson who, as the PlayStation blog describes him, is an “alcoholic detective who hates androids.” Strange bedfellows, indeed.

Next up is Kara. Her path seems to indicate one of most resistance. She’s a domestic assistant model entrusted to look after Todd and his daughter Alice. Once Todd proves too volatile for Alice to be around, Kara takes the young girl under her wing. Expect heartstrings to be pulled in this plotline.

Finally, we have Markus. He’s very much your typical Chosen One, leading his people (in this case, androids) away from the shackles of oppression. His story isn’t quite that straightforward, however. Markus, you see, has long been a caregiver for the elderly painter Carl Manfred, who “treats him as if he were human.” I’ve input this data into my processing centre and can indeed confirm that we’ll be experiencing some sort of malfunction in the tear ducts during this portion of the narrative.

Three androids. Three very different stories. Detroit: Become Human is aiming to push the boundaries, as David Cage so often attempts to do, of storytelling. Can he succeed? Watch the appetite-whetting trailers for yourself to get a taste of what’s in store…