Stardew Valley PC Multiplayer Should Be Ready in About a Month Says Dev

A month ago we discussed Stardew Valley PC Multiplayer being in the testing phase, however now we have some even better news: according to ConcernedApe (aka Eric Barone) the multiplayer patch is running a steady course and should be on the way to PC as soon as next month. This will no doubt get fans of the farming RPG all aflutter with excitement because there’s only one thing that could make Stardew Valley even better, and that’s playing it with your friends.

Tweeting back in March, Barone said that bugs and QA for the multiplayer were going at a “very good pace”. Considering the potential release next month it doesn’t seem as though he was joking around about that. Barone has been the sole developer, programmer, artist and much more for Stardew Valley for a long time and it’s heart-warming to know that he takes his game and everything about it seriously.

Sadly Barone made no mention on when other ports of Stardew Valley would be getting the multiplayer treatment, though it has been stated that Stardew Valley’s Nintendo Switch version would be the next console to allow friends to come on over and farm with you. Xbox and PlayStation have had no such luck on that matter, which could indicate how well Barone’s game is doing in the Nintendo universe. It certainly hasn’t left the top downloads on Nintendo’s eShop, that’s for sure. Regardless, Stardew Valley’s PC multiplayer is soon going to be in your grasp, so that only leaves one question: what is the first thing you’re going to do when you get it? Let us know!