Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic 80s-Inspired Mini-Games Trailer Released

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been in development for so many years that players are anticipating every bit of news that Square Enix releases. At the recent Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dandelion Meeting, the Japanese games giant unveiled a new “Classic Kingdom” trailer for the upcoming game. The Kingdom Hearts 3 “Classic Kingdom” trailer reveals several mini-games inspired by classic Disney animation and 80s-era retro games. Any long-time gamer will realize that these mini-games evoke a nostalgic feeling from the Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds of yesteryear.

As seen in the trailer, these mini-games look like they have been adapted from classic Disney animated Mickey Mouse features like The Barnyard Battle, The Karnival Kid, Giantland and Musical Farmer. Square Enix has not revealed where and when in the actual Kingdom Hearts 3 game that players will have the opportunity of playing these mini-games. The only thing we can see in the trailer is that Kingdom Hearts protagonist Sora plays the mini-games on a handheld device, similar to the way the retro LCD games were played back in the 80s.

The most recent major look we had at Kingdom Hearts 3 was the gameplay trailer unveiled at the D23 Expo in Japan earlier in February 2018. That trailer featured Monster Inc as a playable world for the first time in the franchise, as well as showing more of the game’s Toy Story world. It also confirmed that the game is still slated for release sometime in 2018.

In other related news, we learned that actor Drake Bell will be featuring in Kingdom Hearts 3. He is confirmed as voicing the character of young Master Eraqus. a Keyblade master who was featured in the games Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix. The older version of the character was previously voiced by Star Wars actor Mark Hamill.