Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Releasing on the Nintendo Switch Soon

A Monster Hunter game is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. It might not be the record-breaking Monster Hunter World, but it’s the next best thing. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will be releasing on the hybrid console soon and Japanese fans should be familiar with the title as Monster Hunter XX. The original Monster Hunter Generations game was released on the Nintendo 3DS, but the Switch version comes with many exclusive additions.

Capcom announced the news on its official blog earlier today. For starters, players of the original game can simply transfer their save data into the new Switch version. They can continue from where they left off and enjoy the new content in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: New Monsters

There will be several new monsters for players to hunt in the upcoming game. Capcom has added new “Deviant” monsters, an all-new Elder Dragon, Valstrax, and a new endgame boss, Ahtal-Ka. “Deviant” monsters are basically more powerful versions of the normal monsters players encounter in the game, with new traits and abilities. New additions include Deviant forms of all the members of the “Fated Four”.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: New Gameplay Styles

Players can experiment with the Hunting Style system to suit their gameplay. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate introduces two brand new styles. The Alchemy Style provides a unique gameplay twist by giving players a barrel which can yield items with special properties, interesting buffs for your hunting party, or even unique attacks. The Valor Style allows players to place a bet on their health in exchange for powerful counterattacks.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: New G Rank Quests

Monster Hunter veterans will surely be spending their time completing new “G Rank” quests. These contain the toughest monsters in the game, as well as the best gear and loot. In order to do that, players will need to work together with up to three other hunters in either local or online multiplayer.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on August 28th, 2018. For eager Monster Hunter fans, the game will already be playable at E3 2018. In other related news, the sales for Monster Hunter World has reached almost eight million units and that has made it possible for Capcom to experience its most profitable year in the company’s history.