Nintendo Sharing Splatoon News That Will “Shock the World” on June 9

Get your rollers at the ready, Splatoon fans! Nintendo has announced that June 9 – that’ll be three days before E3 2018 if you’re keeping track – they will announce Splatoon news that will “shock the world.” The most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, a manga magazine, is advertising that Nintendo have a bombshell to drop on the Saturday before E3. Inklings taking over the world Skynet-style, a new expansion for Splatoon 2 or something else entirely?

As of writing, the only piece of DLC that Nintendo has scheduled for Splatoon 2 is the July 31 release of single-player DLC Splatoon 2: Octo, so it’s unlikely to be something in that mould, unless they want to steal the thunder from their first sizeable chunk of extra content.

Could Splatoon be going mobile, perhaps? Nintendo aren’t one to blow their own horn when it comes to big news – it simply isn’t their style – but if it’s going to “shock the world”, as they say, then it’s going to have to redefine what we thought was possible from the Japanese giant. Mario Kart World Tour is already heading to mobiles in 2018, but a Splatoon splash would be even bigger news if it involved some sort of cross-play with the Switch version.

One other possible announcement could be the unveiling of Splatoon characters in Smash Bros. Switch. They’ve played (arguably) the biggest role in the original announcement trailer for the title with the eyes of an Inkling staring at the giant Smash logo in the sky. It was all kinds of weird, yet it could be more significant than we originally thought. No matter the outcome, Splatoon is going to cause paint-filled palpatations come June 9, so get prepared.

(via Gematsu)