Rainbow Six Siege Operator Maestro Gets First Look

Following the reveal of Alabi, the new Rainbow Six Siege operator part of Operation Para Bellum, Ubisoft has given us our first look at the other operator. Maestro, much like Alabi, is an Italian operator. According to Ubisoft, he’s able to “block access to key locations,” which is a little vague but more should come to light in the full reveal set to take place at the Pro League Finals May 19-20.

Real name Adriano Martello, Maestro grew up in Rome as the oldest of seven siblings. He’s inspired by real-world members of the Italian counter-terrorism unit Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (G.I.S.). In the teaser trailer, we see Maestro fiddling with a zippo lighter, and tapping on a tablet of some kind. This seems to cause the untimely demise of a probable terrorist, to which he chuckles. All the while, Franz Schubert’s Ave Maria echoes in the background. It’s subtle, but certainly establishes a strong tone for the new Rainbow Six Siege operator.

With the trailer’s release, Ubisoft has said that Maestro will be able to “block access to key locations.” There’s no gameplay to clarify what this means, but from what we can see in the trailer it’s likely to involve remote-operated traps and explosions. This should pair quite nicely with the previously-announced operator Alabi, who will make use of holographic decoys. Luring insurgents with a hologram into booby-trapped rooms sounds like it’d be a pretty effective tactic.

Rainbow Six Siege is going to be free this weekend, likely to rekindle interest in the game in time for Operation Para Bellum’s to-be-confirmed release date. Though as we discussed in yesterday’s piece about the free weekend, Ubisoft isn’t exactly desperate for more numbers with the game still ranking as the 4th most-played game on Steam. An average peak of 80,000 daily players is quite impressive for a game that’s been out for three years.

You can pick up Rainbow Six Siege on Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store now, but we’d recommend waiting for the free weekend to begin in just over an hours’ time. You can try the game out with all its features for free, and pick it up for up to 50% off until May 20 (except the Starter edition). And watch out for the Pro League Finals for that full Operation Para Bellum reveal.