No Man’s Sky Player Build a Huge Monument of Sean Murray’s Face

No Man’s Sky game-changing NEXT patch has left players feeling as though they are finally experiencing the game that Hello Games genius, Sean Murray, wanted them to play all along. So it makes sense that one No Man’s Sky player went out of their way to create something special, something that would not only say thank you for all the hard work done by Hello Games but allow others to see it and feel that same, overwhelming emotion.

Yes, No Man’s Sky player Roland Oberheim went that one step further and created a monument to Sean Murray and it is nothing short of magnificent. Please, take your time and cast your eyes upon this wonderful piece of art.

When asked how they managed to create Sean Murray’s face in No Man’s Sky, Oberheim said that they copied an image of Murray, resized it to 37 x 50 pixels, posterized it to 4 levels and then used the image as a guide and counted very carefully. They admitted it was “time-consuming” but worth the effort. An opinion we most heartily agree with after looking at the end result.

However, the chance of seeing the planet for yourself is sadly very slim, as No Man’s Sky is a pretty big world to explore. Though that shouldn’t stop you from trying, or even better, creating your very own Sean Murray monument.

We can’t deny that we’re overjoyed to see No Man’s Sky make such a great comeback. Not only has the game’s player base hit an all-time high, with it becoming one of the most popular games to play the week the patch hit, but recent reviews have been nothing but positive.

Is this the comeback of the century? We’ll let you decide.