Edible Sega Logo Coming to Japan Because Why Not?

We all love a bit of silly merchandise. Sega, apparently, have cottoned on to this and have been knocking it out of the park recently. After releasing a toaster that gives us Sonic toast, and Sonic curry that gives us blue poo, Sega is up to its tricks again. This time, an edible Sega logo is on its way to Japan. Whatever next? A Yakuza sandwich that gives us purple sick?

Launching next week, the edible Sega logo is set to take Japan, and therefore the world, by storm. The edible logo is taiyaki – a cake filled with a sweet red bean paste. Traditionally, taiyaki is sold in fish shapes, but Sega wasn’t content with simple fish. The company has set up its own taiyaki stand in Tokyo, and its logo will be available to devour starting August 8.

Taking to Twitter, Sega confirmed the new tasty treat. It was explained that it took Sega around six months to develop the new cake. Supposedly, it was tricky to get the shape accurate enough. Indeed, the edible Sega logo is quite the detailed little snack. Emblazoned across its back is Sega’s corporate slogan: “Creation is Life.” A lot of thought and attention to detail was put into Sega’s new taiyaki.

Despite everything, this isn’t the first time officially licensed taiyaki has hit the streets of Japan. Indeed, an official Magikarp taiyaki exists in the Tokyo region. That one makes more sense, though, being a fish and all. Sega’s branching into foodstuff has been something of a mixed bag thus far, but this new edible logo looks a treat.

We hope that this edible Sega taiyaki makes its way onto Western shores, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Oh, well. A man can dream.

All images are from Sega’s official Twitter account.