Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct: Shovel Knight Announced… As An Assist Trophy

During the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, Nintendo essentially announced everything. The latest Smash Bros looks spectacular and is overflowing with content. Five new characters were announced, including King K. Rool and Simon Belmont, but sadly, there was no room for Shovel Knight. Instead, like with Waluigi and Bomberman, Shovel Knight will have to make to do with an Assist Trophy slot.

Shovel Knight was wanted frequently requested by Smash Bros fans as a wanted playable character in Ultimate. While the brave, shovel-wielding knight’s game is available on everything, he has made a home on Nintendo. Drawing inspiration from NES classics such as Castlevania and DuckTales, it’s easy to see why Nintendo fans are so keen on the character. The good news is that Shovel Knight is in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The bad news is that he’s only in as an Assist Trophy. Shovel Knight appears to dig up items and deal out pain with his trusty shovel. Which of course he does.

Not content with Shovel Knight, during the Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, Nintendo announced a bunch of new Assist Trophies. For the unaware, Assist Trophies are items in Super Smash Bros. If you pick up an Assist Trophy, you’ll automatically unleash a fighter who assists you in combat, hence the name. This time around, however, you can deal damage to destroy any of them.

Alongside Shovel Knight, Nintendo confirmed that Knuckles, Nikki, Kapp’n, Alucard, Zero, the Moon from Majora’s Mask and Rathalos are all coming to the game. Just as with everything else in Smash Bros Ultimate, we’re being treated to a whole load of Assist Trophies, new and old. We can’t wait to try out every single one of them.

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