Report: Nintendo Direct September 13 Rumored, New Date Set for Delayed Announcements

A Nintendo Direct was due to air on September 7, 2018. Following an earthquake in Hokkaido, however, Nintendo decided to delay the presentation. Fans were left wondering when the delayed Direct would air, and some even took their anger out on Nintendo. Now, though, A Nintendo Direct September 13, 2018 rumor has surfaced, which suggests we’ll be watching the delayed Direct on Thursday.

Multiple trusted sources have outlined the potential new air-date as this Thursday, even going so far as to giving us the exact time the Direct will air. According to the rumor, we’ll be watching the delayed Nintendo Direct at 3 p.m PDT. This is the same time the Direct was meant to air last week. The full list of times for the rumored Direct can be seen below:

  • Australia: 8:00 a.m AEST (September 14)
  • Europe: 12:00 a.m. CEST (September 14)
  • North America: 3:00 p.m PDT / 6 p.m EDT
  • UK: 11:00 p.m

To add some credence to the rumor, the official Twitter account of Platinum Train (a Japan-only game) confirmed a “surprise announcement” is due from them on September 13, 2018. The original tweet can be seen below:

In the last few days, a Splatoon 2 datamine explained that item and stage rotations in the game have been delayed until September 14, whereas they were scheduled to go live in accordance with the delayed Nintendo Direct:

“To coincide with the delay of the Nintendo Direct, the Ranked rotation pool with Starfish Mainstage that was supposed to start on September 7th has been removed. In addition, all current rotations are preset (instead of generated on-the-fly by the game) until September 14th. The Salmon Run gear that was scheduled for September 7th has also been moved to September 14th.”

If we are set to receive the delayed Nintendo Direct on September 13, an official announcement from Nintendo can’t be far off. The original Direct was due to run for 35 minutes and feature updates on Nintendo Switch and 3DS games.