Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch Statues, Includes Doomfist, Mercy, and More

Blizzard has officially unveiled a brand new line of Overwatch statues. Like most of the products that launch over at the Blizzard Gear store, the statues aren’t cheap. However, their quality apparently testifies to their designer price-tags.

The heroes that have gotten a statue this time around are Doomfist, Mercy, Hanzo, Genji, D.Va, Widowmaker, and Tracer. You can check out all of the details for the statues over at the Blizzard Gear store.

The prices for the heroes depend mostly on size and detail, and are as follows:

  • Doomfist: $300
  • Mercy: $175
  • Hanzo: $175
  • Genji: $175
  • D.Va: $450
  • Widowmaker: $175
  • Tracer: $175

D.Va’s statue is by far the most expensive, but it’s also the biggest by a distance, standing at a whopping 20.25 inches—almost two feet tall. Every statue is hand-painted, and Blizzard specifies that this may result in the statues looking a little different from their advertised pictures. This means that every statue will be truly unique in terms of its artistic integrity.

The statues may be pricey, just like the real Genji sword that’s currently retailing at $200, or the $80 Zenyatta Figma figure that’s available for pre-order now. However, the quality of all of these items is so high that they’re usually worth the relatively expensive price—particularly so in the run-up to the holiday season. Unlike the Genji sword and the Zenyatta figure, though, the new line of statues doesn’t seem to be limited edition. This means that fans will have time to save up for their favorite figure, instead of having to miss out due to a tight pre-order window.

In related news, Blizzard also announced an update on the Overwatch Lego that’s currently in development. The update included a video of Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan assembling the latest piece of the Lego line to be revealed: Tracer. At present, it’s unknown when the upcoming Overwatch Lego sets will be released, although from the latest update, it seems that things are proceeding as planned.