Overwatch Moira Halloween Skin Revealed

A brand new Moira Halloween skin has been revealed in the latest teaser for Overwatch‘s upcoming Halloween Terror event. The skin is called Banshee, which ties it in nicely with the support hero’s Irish heritage.

The skin was shared on the official PlayOverwatch Twitter page. Captioned “an ominous portent,” the Banshee skin bears a terrifying aesthetic. Moira’s eyes are completely white, she wears what resembles a goat’s skull at the front of her belt, and her fingers have become long and crooked. She bears an uncanny resemblance to ancient depictions of the terrifying banshees of Irish folklore.

The term “Banshee” is derived from “bean sidhe,” which is the Irish term for “fairy woman” or “woman of the fairy mound.” In Irish mythology, banshees are known for their deafening screeches which are unleashed to herald the death of a family member. These screeches are known as “keening,” which is derived from the Irish word “caoineadh.” To be “ag caoineadh” is to cry—banshees weep for the death that they predict. Perhaps this will be reflected by a new voice line when Moira uses her Ultimate ability, Coalescence.

This is the second skin to be revealed for the upcoming Halloween Terror event, after Doomfist’s “Swamp Monster” skin was revealed yesterday. Other skins that have yet to be revealed are the leaked “Spider Queen,” “Bride,” “Ghost,” and “Slasher” skins. Moira was previously rumored to be a candidate for the Ghost skin, given her Fade ability. Considering that she has now gotten the Banshee skin, it is likely that the Ghost skin will be for Reaper, Sombra, or Tracer, who all have some sort of Ghost-like ability. You can read our predictions for who the remaining leaked skins will be for here.

Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror event launches for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 9, 2018.