Overwatch Levitating Snowball Available for Purchase

Mei mains all over the world will be able to start their very own Blizzards with this brand new product. Snowball is the drone that Mei drops on the ground before using her Ultimate ability, and he makes an appearance in Mei’s short film, “Rise and Shine.”
However, unlike in the short film, this Snowball will have a charger to keep its battery topped up. For US customers, it device will come with a 110V AC/DC US adapter, whereas for EU customers, it comes with a 220V AC/DC EU adapter. Although it can charge low voltage units such as mobile phones, it is recommended to keep higher voltage electricals away from it, as Snowball uses a magnetic field in order to levitate. This field can interfere with televisions and speakers, as well as other objects—including medical devices such as pacemakers.
Blizzard notes that “Snowball is the chillest desk buddy anyone could ask for,” so it’s probably best to set it up on a bookshelf or on a desk that has no other electrical equipment on it. Snowball is available for pre-order now, and costs $175. If you’re quick, you can have your own drone delivered by December 15. You can place your pre-order over at the Blizzard Gear store.
In other news, production of the the highly-anticipated Overwatch Lego sets seems to be well underway, and a brand new range of Overwatch statues has been released over at the Blizzard Gear store, too.