Developers Snubbing Steam in Favor of New Epic Games Store

Some developers have already started to delay or cancel releases of their games on Steam to prioritize putting them out on the new Epic Games Store. Developers have a pretty good reason to want PC players to buy through Epic’s new storefront due to the 88 percent revenue share with developers, which is much higher than the typical industry standard.

Overclock3D reports developers Double Damage and Team 17 have chosen to move their games to the new Epic Games Store in favor of Steam as timed exclusives to the platform. Double Damage’s Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and Team 17’s Genesis Alpha One join Coffee Stain Studio’s game Satisfactory in leaving Steam, at least for now, to take advantage of the Fortnite team’s new store.

The higher revenue stream isn’t the only reason developers may be choosing to jump ship. The new Epic Games Store will also be a more curated experience, allowing games to stand out rather than get lost in the noise that can be the Steam store.

This doesn’t mean the store is completely bare bones and seems to be attracting a lot of attention from some very well thought of titles. The previously PlayStation exclusive title Journey is one of the many titles people can look forward to coming to the new Epic Games Store in the future. The current line up includes Ashen, Darksiders III, and the new action roguelike from Supergiant Games, Hades.

The store is also aiming to be as transparent as possible for developers. This hopefully means that developers will be provided with plenty of information to help ensure they can get the best sales out of their games combined with the extra base revenue.

Other tricks up the new Epic Games Store’s sleeves involve offering giveaways to incentivize people moving to the platform. Every two weeks consumers should see a new free game, the first of which will be the underwater survival game, Subnautica which will be available for free on the platform from December 14 to 27.