Insurgency Sandstorm Devs Comment on Battlefield 5 Controversy Video

In today’s lesson on insurgent marketing, a video on recent Battlefield 5 controversy created the perfect opportunity for the marketing team behind Insurgency: Sandstorm.

Following a discussion of the newly adjusted TTK values in Battlefield 5, a comment made by the YouTube account for developers New World Interactive quickly gained popularity. They remarked, “If only a game could balance fun, quick gameplay with a low TTK tactical experience… ;)”. This comment has since disappeared from the feed, but Reddit user 4D71AN managed to snap a screenshot of the comment before it was taken down.

Battlefield V Controversy

This comment kickstarted support for New World Interactive’s marketing effortswith some users even promising to abandon Battlefield 5 in favour of their 2017 shooter. While the original comment is no longer visible on the video, screenshots on social media have evoked similar praise for New World Interactive’s approach. Reddit user V8Wonderbolt even remarked that “EA marketing could learn from them”.

Battlefield 5 has been widely criticized by fans since it released last month, but the recent update made players even more annoyed with the developers’ lackluster efforts to address their issues. DICE have previously stated that this change was in reaction to players choosing to log off after being killed, rather than “learn how to become more proficient at Battlefield 5″.

According to DICE, the new update will mean that targets “take on average one more bullet to kill with the weapons that are affected.” Changes to the TTK, or Time-To-Kill, of in-game targets can dramatically affect the gameplay experience. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Bungie lowered the TTK in Destiny 2′s PvP mode, which made weapons feel much stronger in the smaller arena.

New World Interactive hasn’t made further remarks on the Battlefield 5 controversy in the time since the original comment, but fans certainly supported the tone of their remark.