Destiny fighting game built by developers, pits Shaxx against Ikora Rey

Footage of a Destiny fighting game prototype has been shown off by a Bungie developer. David Candland, Bungie UI design lead, shared the clip on his personal website. We see Lord Shaxx taking on Ikora Rey in the prototype titled “Destiny of Fighters: Super Turbo.”

According to GameRant, the prototype was created during Bungie’s annual “Carnival” event. The event allows the employees to express their creativity by throwing together whatever they want. The Destiny fighting game was created during the 2018 event. David Candland said he “teamed up with a group of 8 talented people that wanted to see if we could build a functional but cheesy, over-the-top, retro style fighting game in the Destiny engine”.

Candland stated he created all the UI and HUD elements visible in the clip. The clip shows Shaxx and Ikora Rey taking on each other in typical retro fighting game style, with appropriate music to boot. Ikora Rey and Shaxx are presented slightly differently to how we see them in the main game, however they still make use of their powerful “Supers.” We see Shaxx execute a “Fist of Havoc” and Ikora using the “Nova Warp.” You can watch the footage here.

Candland said while the Destiny fighting game prototype had “rough edges,” but that making it “was a blast.” Candland has worked at Bungie/Microsoft since 2000, leading design of all Bungie games since 2000. In 2016, the UI design lead acquired accolades for his work on the first Destiny. Candland received the Platinum award from the Graphis Design Annual and was a Cased award winner at the American Institute of Graphic Arts awards.

Destiny 2 recently had its Valentine’s Day event, where players were all given a bow allowing them to cosplay as Cupid. Bungie is still working hard on keeping Destiny 2 evolving and up-to-date, you can view the most recent patch notes here.