Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience release date is this week

After a series of delays, the Kingdom Hearts VR Experience is set to land this week. The VR Experience will take players on a journey through the events of the Kingdom Hearts series preceding Kingdom Hearts 3. The game will be in an episodic format with the second episode set to delivered via a free update after the launch of Kingdom Hearts VR Experience.

The latest release date was announced in a blog post by PlayStation. The post describes the experience fans can expect, “enjoy a 10-minute interactive PSVR video featuring the series’ beautiful music and unlock new content as you’re playing.”

The Kingdom Hearts VR Experience was originally set to land before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. However, the experience was delayed several times, moving from December 25, January 18 and January 25. The delays meant that players were unable to revisit the world of Kingdom Hearts in VR before playing the newest title. The second episode of the experience was originally slated to land in a spring update to the game, however, it is as yet unclear how this new release date will affect the free update. If you are still looking for some Kingdom Hearts nostalgia outside of VR, we compiled a guide on what order you should play the original games in.

The Kingdom Hearts VR Experience is likely to be welcomed by the many fans to thoroughly enjoyed Kingdom Hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts 3 experienced significant success, hitting the top of the US PlayStation charts in January and becoming the fastest-selling Kingdom Hearts game. Along with strong sales performance, the game was well received critically. Our review gave the game a 4.5/5 rating. For those still making their way through Kingdom Hearts 3, if you are looking for better performance on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we can help you out.

The Kingdom Hearts VR Experience release date is February 28 and is only available on PSVR.