Darksiders 3 new game plus mode is now live

Gamers have just learned that the Darksiders 3 new game plus mode is now live thanks to a tweet from developer Gunfire Games. Titled Armageddon mode, the game challenges players to “take the adventure again” with the free update. Additionally, there’s a new difficulty mode named Reckoning for “those brave souls who think Apocalyptic is not challenging enough.”

During a Q&A in the official Darksiders Discord, we learned some details regarding this new mode. To start, players will bring over “souls, items, crafting materials, enhancements, armors.” Fury will also keep her character and weapon levels alongside her human count. Hollows will not transfer over, however, so weapons unlock “naturally” as they do during the story.

Armageddon Mode also reworks encounters and brings with it one new enemy type. Also, the update will bring over any armor and enhancements from the Crucible mode which came out after launch. Even if you started a new game prior to this update, the Crucible improvements will still be intact. Beating new game+ gives some new armor to help players beat the next eight versions. It seems that +9 is the hardest difficulty, which gamers can keep playing once (or rather if) they reach it.

The leveling curve has seen a rebalance as well, and all item upgrade materials will drop again. In that vein, armor and weapons can now upgrade all the way to +13. The update has three new achievements as well, though none of them are tied to difficulty. Players can choose new game+ on any difficulty as well. Finally, the update offers some bug fixes and changes.

This seems like a beefy new game plus. Comparatively, some titles bring in new enemies, change up item placements, and put in whole new areas, while others simply allow the player to go through again with their upgrades. Darksiders is heavily inspired by the Dark Souls games, however, which are known for their new game plus modes. It’s a good thing that inspiration continues in the updates as well.

It’s great to see all of this support for the latest Darksiders title. Since the game’s launch, there have been new combat modes, tweaks, and changes to cater to all players. For example, while Darksiders 3’s combat is traditionally more tactical, there’s now a “Classic mode” for gamers that prefer the hack-and-slash style from 1 and 2. That’s not to mention the upcoming DLC, too.

If you’re jumping into Darksiders 3 with this new update, check out our enhancements guide. We can also show you how to get one of the rarest armor sets as well. Just make sure you get everything done soon, as we may be getting a Darksiders 4, after all.