Samurai Shodown sake bundle packs in actual alcohol with the game

SNK may have just revealed the most unique video game bundle of all. The company recently announced that a Samurai Shodown sake bundle will be available in Japan when the game launches next month.

Available exclusively though SNK’s online shop, this bundle packs in a bottle of limited edition Samurai Spirits Junmai Ginjo sake with the PlayStation 4 version of the game. For those wondering, SNK isn’t making a pun—Samurai Spirits is the franchise’s original name in Japan.

Junmai Ginjo sake uses rice grains that have been highly polished and brewed with special yeast. “Junmai” means brewers used no additives in its product while making it. “Ginjo” on the other hand refers to the fact that it is a premium type of sake. The actual spirit supposedly tastes light, fruity, and complex, and it’s also known to be quite fragrant.

The choice of sake as a pack-in bonus likely has ties to the series’ protagonist Haohmaru. The games show the fighter carrying a jug of the stuff in between rounds, and he also spits some of it on his sword as lubricant.

Preorders for the bundle for ¥11,980 were opened on SNK’s online shop on May 15. As the bundle contains an alcohol product, buyers will need to be 20 years old or above to purchase it.

SNK’s promotion of the upcoming sword fighter has been going all out with bundles in Japan. Alongside the Samurai Shodown sake bundle, the company is also selling a limited edition of the game that comes with one of three new Samurai Shodown themed Neo Geo Mini consoles. These help round out the limited edition box set, the likes of which also includes an artbook and an original illustration by artist Yumi Saji, all bundled in a special case made to look like a Neo Geo ROM cartridge.

The company also has something special for players who buy the regular editions in the US. Players who either preorder the game or purchase it before June 30 will get the season pass for free.

Samurai Shodown launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 25 in the West and June 27 in Japan. The PC and Switch ports on the other hand arrive will sometime in the winter.