Batman Arkham Knight sequel concept art reportedly leaks

It’s been a long time since we’ve had any news on a follow-up to Batman Arkham Knight, which released over four years ago now, and other than various rumors, we haven’t had any solid details on a Batman Arkham Knight sequel. That changed today, but it may not be the sort of news fans were hoping for. Various pieces of concept art for a sequel have leaked online, but the catch is that they are not from a Batman game in-development. In fact, they’re all supposedly from a cancelled Batman game.

The game in question was being developed by Batman Arkham Origins developer WB Montreal, now that original series creator Rocksteady has seemingly left the Batman license behind. It was set years after Batman Arkham Knight, and starred Bruce Wayne’s son Damian, who had taken over the mantle of Batman. In fact, the “true ending” of Arkham Knight, which you see if you get 100% completion, directly sets up this scenario.

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The concept art fits in with this description, seemingly showing a crime-ravaged future Gotham, where the Wayne Enterprises tower is now an abandoned shell. Batman, presumably Damian Wayne, can be seen riding a motorcycle through the dusky streets. Along with the two pieces of location art there are also a series of character designs, presumably imagining how these characters would look in the future. These include Two-Face, a female Black Mask, an interesting take on a resurrected Poison Ivy, and even Flash villain Gorilla Grodd.

Whether any of these characters would have actually made it into the game is another matter, as the project was cancelled. At the moment WB Montreal appears to be working on a revamped version of the project, based around the Batman story “Court of Owls.” There’s even leaked concept art for that, too.