Devil May Cry 3 Multiplayer cover

Devil May Cry 3 multiplayer announced for Nintendo Switch

Devil May Cry 3 multiplayer has been announced for the upcoming Nintendo Switch port of the game — and no, this is not the Devil May Cry 3 Easter Egg where you could use Doppelganger style to bring in a friend.

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“Well, we’re excited to reveal our third and final addition to Devil May Cry 3 SE on Nintendo Switch,” the game’s Producer Matt Walker said in a tweet. “Drumroll please! Bloody Palace now has local co-op.”

“So now you’ll be able to play as Dante and Virgil,” he continued. “Two players. It’s kind of like if you’ve played Devil May Cry 3 SE before. In the Doppelganger style, there was kind of a hidden Easter Egg where you could actually pick up a second controller and play as basically two-player. Now in this one, it’s not Doppleganger — it’s actually Dante and Virgil, separately. And you’ll be able to use any kind of different combination of single Joy-Cons or double Joy-Cons or Pro-Cons.”

If this sounds like a fun time to you, you’ll be able to enjoy Devil May Cry 3 multiplayer when the game launches on Nintendo Switch on February 20, 2020.

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