New Pokemon Journeys Netflix anime brings back old friends this summer

new Pokemon Journeys Netflix anime is all set to arrive in the Summer of 2020. This new Pokemon anime will certainly be featuring some new adventures for Ash and Pikachu, but it will also be bringing back some old friends — and some old enemies.

If you haven’t been following Pokemon lately, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the anime is still running to this day. The West got to see the Twilight Wings web series (and a bunch of hilarious memes) earlier this year, and now we’re getting the next season of the main show on Netflix.

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The new season of the anime will be focusing on many of the elements we see in Pokemon Sword and Shield. One such item of note is the anime debut of dynamaxing, a new mechanic that was introduced in the latest core game.

We’ll also be seeing the return of some old enemies like the O.G. Team Rocket and classic ‘mons like Mew. Check out the trailer for the new Pokemon Journeys Netflix anime below and get hype for the next season! It’s all set to premiere on June 12, 2020.