Gotham Knights game finally officially revealed

After a seemingly endless cycle of leaks, rumors, and cryptic teases, WB Montreal has finally revealed Gotham Knights, the first full game in the Batman series of game (sans the actual name in the title) game since 2015’s Arkham Knight. WB Montreal debuted the anticipated game at the DC FanDome. Rumors have pointed to this being a soft reboot of the Arkham series, which the presentation seemingly gave some credence to. There is no Gotham Knights release date but it is coming sometime in 2021 to the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Players will be able to play as Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl, all of which were playable in past Arkham games. WB Montreal even created Batgirl’s DLC in Arkham Knight. And as the leaks proved over and over, the Court of Owls will play a big role. However, the trailer says that Batman himself is dead so, unless he gets resurrected or it’s a farce, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to play as the Bat. It does support (at least) two-player co-op and some more RPG elements, damage numbers flying off enemies and all.

The lead up to Gotham Knights has been quite long. Even though WB Montreal started teasing the game in September 2019, some of its individual team members weren’t as sneaky and began dropping unsubtle hints in November 2018. Artwork for the game also allegedly leaked in the new year as well. This was well before the aforementioned late 2019 teasing the developer officially did before remaining silent until its very recent teaser-oriented Twitter account. Comic and video game writers even got in on the leaks and rumors, further substantiating the signals pointing to a Court of Owls Batman game.

It’s been simultaneously a very leaky and silent few years for WB Montreal. But now the bat is finally out of the bag.