‘New’ Call of Duty: Warzone meta is still DMR and Diamatti, despite nerfs

Following a long-awaited nerf that reduced the stats on some of the game’s most popular weapons, players are now looking for the new Call of Duty: Warzone “meta.” The “meta” basically means the current strongest weapons in the game that offer the best chance of outshooting opponents and securing a victory. Pre-nerf, these weapons were the DMR and Diamatti pistols, and post-nerf, they are still the DMR and Diamattis.

What is the new Warzone meta?

The new Warzone meta for 2021 is the DMR-14 and dual Diamatti pistols.

This is despite developer Raven Software rolling out a nerf that hit the DMR with reduced headshot damage and increased recoil, while also nerfing the dual-wielded Diamatti pistols with increased hip-fire spread and decreased damage range.

On paper, these nerfs might seem significant, hitting Warzone‘s most problematic weapons with some big changes that should see them used less often, shifting the meta. However, vocal members of the CoD community have been quick to criticize the nerf as being too soft.

YouTube creator JGOD said that, though there is a difference, the DMR has gone from “unbelievably broken to a little overpowered.”

The following meme has been passed around on social media and Reddit:

new warzone meta

A poll asking r/CODWarzone users what they thought of the nerf has received the following votes, with the vast majority of players responding with “Barely any difference”:

new warzone meta

The DMR and Diamatti pistols are still kings of the Warzone ring, it seems. Though it should be noted that some players appear happy with the changes.

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