New Pokemon Snap professor, region, and release date revealed

New Pokemon Snap trailer has been revealed, showing off (non-final) gameplay of the upcoming Nintendo Switch title. Though only 90 seconds in length, the new video is a montage of shots that show off a large number of Pokemon and the habitats in which they live. What’s more, viewers are treated to a look at the game’s professor and, finally, a release date.

Who is the New Pokemon Snap professor?

New Pokemon Snap professor

The New Pokemon Snap professor is Professor Mirror. They are joined by their assistant Rita.

It’s not clear how involved Professor Mirror will be in the story of New Pokemon Snap, but even the most minor professor can become a celebrity within the community. Just look at Pokemon Go and Professor Willow!

Where is the New Pokemon Snap region?

New Pokemon Snap professor

The New Pokemon Snap region is Lental.

Lental is described as being “photogenic,” which is certainly helpful in this photograph-taking video game! The region has many different biomes which are home to over 200 different Pokemon.

Some Pokemon in the Lental region are shown to be happy that the player is snapping photos of them, while others are more aggressive. The player tosses an apple as bait, which will surely make for some unique photo opportunities.

When is the New Pokemon Snap release date?

New Pokemon Snap professor

The New Pokemon Snap release date is April 30, 2021.

Eager players can pre-order the game now. It’s not yet clear if there are any pre-order bonus rewards for doing so.

The New Pokemon Snap trailer, in which all of the above information was revealed, is available to watch below:

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