Akira Yamaoka teases next project, but it’s probably not Silent Hill

Featured Image Source: YouTube/Al Hub

Akira Yamaoka teased his next project as one we’ve been “hoping to hear about,” and that we should know more about it this summer, in a recent interview with Al Hub. Of course, our first thought was that he was talking about a new Silent Hill game since he composed the scores for every main series title besides Downpour. However, we’ve been burnt before with Silent Hill rumors – “leakers” have claimed it was going to be revealed at every major gaming event over the last few years. As such, I’m going to insulate myself from disappointment and say he’s talking about anything else.

What is Akira Yamaoka’s next project, and why isn’t it a new Silent Hill?

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Since his split with Konami in 2010 Akira Yamaoka has worked with Grasshopper Manufacture, and most recently, he co-composed the soundtrack for Bloober Team’s The Medium. Though he hasn’t worked on a proper Silent Hill title since 2009, a few things that point to him being on good terms with Konami. He was part of the production of Silent Hill: Retribution in 2012, and composed the music for Dead by Daylight’s Chapter XVI: Silent Hill DLC. So, if Konami (or another studio) were working on a Silent Hill title, it would make sense for Yamaoka to be involved.

However, despite Konami’s licensing of the franchise for the Dead by Daylight DLC, the company has done little to indicate interest in reviving Silent Hill as a video game series. It’s outright denied rumors of Silent Hill titles being in production recently. It’s also likely that the PR disaster that followed the cancelation of Silent Hills and split with Kojima has Konami wary of doing anything with the franchise. After all, any new Silent Hill game would be expected to exceed P.T., which is a horror masterpiece despite the fact it was only a demo.

The only thing that lends credence to the idea that a new Silent Hill game may be in development is that the tease is from Yamaoka himself. However, we have had hints in the past from other Silent Hill alumni like Masahiro Ito that seemed to point at a Silent Hill title in the works that still haven’t panned out.

As it stands, there’s more evidence against there being a new Silent Hill game than for. Besides vague hints and clout-chasing “leakers,” there’s been no indication that the series is getting a revival. However, as long as fans continue to mourn the passing of this iconic franchise loudly, there will always be a talking head on Twitter vomiting sweet nothings in the hopes they’ll get some attention. I sincerely wish that Silent Hill does make a return, and that its legacy lives on in a game that’s worthy of the name.

Until you hear an official announcement, I’d take any leak or tease with an imperial ton of salt. Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment. At least we’ve still got dummy thicc Pyramid Head to help us make it through the night.