New FIFA 21 update focuses on Ultimate Team and Career Mode fixes

The new FIFA 21 update is now being deployed across PC and Google Stadia versions of the game, with PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One receiving the patch a little later. Helpfully, EA has provided detailed patch notes on what the June 2 Title Update 16 update changes within the game. The biggest highlights include Ultimate Team tweaks and a Career Mode fix. Here’s the full FIFA 21 1.23 update patch notes list.

FIFA 21 1.23 Update Patch Notes

FIFA 21 1.23 patch notes

FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issues:

  • The post match Co-Op Division Rivals screens displayed the player’s FUT Club badge instead of the opposing Captain’s badge.
  • Kit walkout animations could display an incorrect kit and player model. This was a visual issue only.

Career Mode

Addressed the following issue:

  • Pedro Pereira’s star head did not display correctly during matches.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following change:

  • Updated some balls, boots, kits, badges, bibs, and 2D portraits

It might be tempting to get excited about a big “Title Update,” but this patch is relatively minor. A couple of tweaks to the UI and animations within FIFA Ultimate Team and a minor fix to a bug in the Career Mode, are hardly worth writing home about. However, there’s no doubt some players that had noticed these problems and will appreciate that they have been fixed.

While these changes mostly target the online modes, offline players will at least enjoy the updated balls, boots, kits, badges, bibs, and 2D portraits. All players will appreciate the refreshed look, without needing to wait for FIFA 22.

Here’s hoping Title Update 17 features a few more tangible changes that have a bigger impact on the way players enjoy the game.

Enjoy this throwback to the GameRevolution FIFA 21 review, before any of these Title Updates had been deployed. Even then, the game still managed to earn a 9/10.

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