Warzone FN Scar 17 buff just changed the Assault Rifle meta

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 comes complete with various weapon buffs and nerfs. One of the most notable improvements is to the FN Scar 17, otherwise known as the Assault Rifle Golf. Many players already rated this gun, though now, it’s arguably a downright force of nature. The CoD: Warzone AR meta is already starting to shift, and the Season 4 patch notes make it clear why.

FN Scar Buff Warzone: Will the Assault Rifle Golf get a nerf?

FN Scar Buff Warzone OP nerf

Here are the details of the FN Scar 17 buff in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4:

  • Neck damage multiplier increased from 1 to 1.5
  • Upper torso damage multiplier increased from 1 to 1.2

Interestingly, the dev team is open to buffing the Scar even further. In the latest patch notes, Raven Software states that “the Assault Rifle Golf (MW) may soon see another power increase in the near future.” Considering that the current version is already powerful, that’s somewhat surprising.

Many players are likely to lobby for a CoD: Warzone FN Scar 17 nerf even now, but fortunately, the developers are aware of the potential risk accompanying another buff. Raven would “like to avoid” buffing the Assault Rifle Golf to a point where the studio must immediately nerf it in the following weapon balance update.

In addition to tweaking old guns, the arrival of Call of Duty Season 4 also brings some all-new firearms to the war table. Arguably the most notable of these is the new Warzone LMG, the MG 82. This light machine gun is easily the best weapon in its class, boasting some impressive features making it a must-try.

Unfortunately, the new season is causing some Xbox One and Series X|S users headaches. There are some troubleshooting steps to try, however, which could provide a simple solution.

Of course, CoD Season 4 applies to Black Ops Cold War as well. Over in that installment, players can expect to see a new Zombies map at some point during the season.