Everything You Need to Know about What Happened at E3 2017

So E3 is over, and you’re probably wondering what you missed. We’re going to make this easy for you by highlighting only the most important information you need to know about this week’s gaming event.

Quick Overviews

GameRevolution’s Top 5 Favorite Games of E3 2017 

  • These were the games that our staff selected as the best of show.

Top 10 Most Popular Trailers of E3 2017

  • If you want to get caught up on the most hyped trailers, this is the place to go.

The 10 Best Games at E3 2017 You Need to Know About

  • It doesn’t get any more concise than this.


The Biggest Stories

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Begins E3 2017 on a Strong Note

  • We didn’t care much for the last Battlefront, but this looks great.

Shadow of the Colossus Is Getting a Ground-Up PS4 Remake

  • Team ICO is at it again.

Monster Hunter World Is a Bold, Multiplatform Title

  • This will be the first Monster Hunter on PC.

In Just 4 Years, the Xbox One Has Gone from $499 to $199

  • The Xbox One is now $199. Can you believe it?

Xbox One X Is So Much More Than the Most Powerful Console

  • We went to an exclusive Xbox One X event, and this is what we learned.

Original Xbox Games Are Coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

  • The Xbox One is now a full-fledge backward compatibility machine.

Nintendo Working on “Core Pokémon RPG” and Metroid Prime 4 for Switch

  • Big games are coming to the Switch.

E3 2017 Breaks Attendance Record with Over 68,000 Attendees

  • This was the biggest show of all-time. That is, if you’re just looking at how many people showed up.

The Biggest Game Previews

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Preview

  • This game is not what you’d expect, and that’s a good thing.

Super Mario Odyssey Preview

  • This game might outperform Breath of the Wild for game of the year.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Preview

  • Wolfenstein was one of the most popular games of the show, and this is why.

Skull and Bones Preview

  • Are you a pirate fan? If so, then check this out.

Spider-Man Preview

  • This Sony press conference closer is going to kick serious butt.

Metal Gear Survive Preview

  • As retweeted by the official Metal Gear Twitter account.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Preview

  • Are you ready for another emotional high school adventure?

Call of Duty: World War II Preview

  • Welcome to Call of Duty: Michael Bay edition.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Preview

  • Big things have happened since the last Middle-earth game.


GR Exclusive Content

Sony’s Most Exciting Games at E3 Are Unplayable

  • We had several Sony appointments at the show, and they all had one (bad) thing in common.

Interview: Psyonix on How Nintendo Wanted Rocket League on the Switch

  • We had a chance to interview Psyonix Vice President Jeremy Dunham.

5 Important Things I Learned about Elite: Dangerous at E3 2017 Including Atmospheric Planet Landings

  • The Elite subreddit loved this one.

EA’s E3 2017 Press Conference Was Full of Painful Cringe

  • So painful it hurts.

I Played Knack 2 with Mark Cerny and It Was Awesome

  • Mark Cerny is a cool guy.

Xbox One’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Exclusivity Is a Massive Win for Microsoft

  • This year’s best-selling game so far is coming to Xbox One.

GR Blogging

E3 2017 Is So Crowded It’s Not Even Funny

  • I’ve been going to E3 since 2009, and this was by far the most packed E3.

Community Wednesdays: (6/14/2017): Link to Your Favorite Funny E3 Moment

  • Share what your favorite E3 moment of all-time is.

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