Mandatory Gaming Fails of the Week 7/12/2019

It is finally Friday, which means it’s now time for your Mandatory Gaming Fails of the Week round-up. This is where we pull together all of the big video game fails that happened over the last seven days, before going ahead and shining a bright spotlight on them. If you find yourself wanting more content like this, be sure to visit But now, let’s jump into those fails!

gaming fails

G2A sponsored post reportedly asks websites to avoid proper disclosure

G2A came under fire when an employee reached out to ten different websites with a request for sponsored articles to be published without proper disclosure. G2A later confirmed that these requests were sent by one of their employees, but stated that it was “without authorization.” The employee who sent the messages will apparently be facing “strict consequences.”

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Yogscast member Caffcast accused of abusing power to ‘pursue sexual relationships’ with women

Yogcast member Caffcast is no longer associated with the brand, following accusations that he was abusing his status to “pursue sexual relationships” with women. Caffcast apparently targeted “at least eight separate women” with efforts of “coercion and control.”

Dr Disrespect bathroom emote rejected by Twitch after ban

Following the Twitch ban he received due to livestreaming in a public restroom, Dr Disrespect returned to the platform with a new emote. Unfortunately, this emote made light of the bathroom situation and Twitch rejected the emote. The streamer responded by calling the Twitch staff “dumb-dumbs.”

gaming fails

PES 2019 PS Plus change was Sony’s decision, according to Konami

A last-minute change to the July PS Plus game lineup saw Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 swapped out for Detroit: Become Human. According to PES publisher Konami, this was all down to Sony. The game’s European brand manager, Lennart Bobzien, explained: “I cannot really tell you what happened because I just found out today, in the morning when I opened my laptop.”

Harry Potter Wizards Unite downloads and numbers struggle to match Pokemon Go

What would happen in a fight between Harry Potter and a Pikachu? Well, apparently Potter would get battered, if the battle between Harry Potter Wizards Unite and Pokemon Go is anything to go by. The latest Niantic game has failed to bring in the numbers when compared to the giant that is Pokemon Go. Of course, future support could attract more players. Time will tell!

QTCinderella on Twitch: Streaming ‘weighs on you mentally,’ has ‘no stability’

Twitch streamer QTCinderella spoke about some of the downsides of the platform and streaming every day. She said that livestreaming “weighs on you mentally” and has “no stability.” She specifically mentioned the chat, and how the people speaking to her “tell [her] how they feel every second of every day.”

gaming fails

Destiny 2 doesn’t work with AMD Ryzen 3000 series, players complain

The new Ryzen 3000 CPU launch has been huge, with AMD really putting the pressure on Intel when it comes to overall bang for buck performance. Unfortunately, it looks like early adopters of the new Zen 2 processors are experiencing issues in Destiny 2.

Iron Maiden vs 3D Realms: ‘Ion Maiden’ becomes ‘Ion Fury’ after legal dispute

The game that was going to be known as “Ion Maiden” is now going to be called “Ion Fury” to avoid further legal disputes with a certain famous band. It isn’t yet clear if all legal matters have now been settled. Rock and roll is cool, but puns are apparently not!

Shenmue 3 season pass reportedly won’t be free for Kickstarter backers

The Shenmue 3 Season Pass is not going to be included with any Kickstarter rewards. This has made some backers angry, especially those at the higher pledge tiers, who invested some serious amounts of cash.