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Fortnite 5.1 Patch Notes: Update Improves Playground Mode, Adds Compact SMG and More

The Fortnite 5.1 patch notes have been unleashed by Epic Games, giving us something to read during the planned update maintenance downtime. Though it’s going to be tricky following the big 5.0 patch, the new Fortnite update promises some exciting new features, as well as the return of the fan-favorite Playground mode. In addition to this Private Match mode, players will have access to the new compact SMG and Founders Pack skins. Without any further ado, here are the Fortnite 5.1 patch notes update highlights!

Fortnite 5.1 Patch Notes Update Highlights

The key highlight of the Fortnite 5.1 patch notes update is the revamped Playground mode, which now allows players to set up their own squad battles with new team select options, enables access to the all-terrain kart, and gear up with a lot more loot. The downside here is that the new Playground mode will be made available a day after Update 5.10 goes live, on July 25. Hopefully it’s worth waiting for!

The next big addition implemented by Fortnite Update 5.1 is the compact SMG, which comes in both Epic and Legendary rarities. As you might expect, the Fortnite P90 excels at close-quarters combat.

Fortnite 5.1 Patch Notes

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It’s been one whole year since Fortnite launched, and to celebrate Epic Games is giving players the chance to unlock some exclusive cosmetics. These include the awesome-looking Fortnite Birthday Cake back bling. After downloading and installing the Fortnite 5.10 update, players will see three new challenges to complete. Upon completing these challenges, players will gain access to the Birthday Cake back bling.

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