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Fortnite Forbidden Dance Locations – Forbidden Dance Map

The Fortnite Forbidden Dance challenge has you running to different spots on the map marked by a no dancing sign. You have to break the rules and dance on these forbidden areas to complete one of the Fortnite season 7 challenges. There are 11 different places you can dance, and you can use our Fortnite forbidden dance locations map below to find them all.

Where are the Forbidden Dance Locations in Fortnite?

There are 11 spots where you can dance to complete this challenge. All of them are marked with a sign that makes it clear that you are banned from dancing in the area. You need to be a rebel, though and dance your heart out. Luckily, you only have to hit seven of them to finish the challenge.

Fortnite Forbidden Dance Spot Map

The forbidden dance areas are pretty easy to find just using the map above, but if you need more hints, we’ve described each location below.

  1. One is north of Wailing Woods. You’ll find an ice cream truck next to a drop-off and next to it is a forbidden dance sign.
  2. Northwest of Wailing Woods you’ll find a sign on top of a cliff. There’s a brown station wagon right next to it.
  3. Search the east part of Lazy Links for a gazebo. Directly inside is a sign to dance at.
  4. North-northeast of Salty Springs, southwest of Dusty Divot, is a mountain. Look for the next sign on top of it.
  5. In the northeast part of Dusty Divot, you can find another sign on the cliff.
  6. Go to the eastern-most island in Loot Lake to find another sign.
  7. South-southwest of Pleasant Park is a big mountain with a circle of white trees at the top. There’s another sign there.
  8. On the southwest part of the map, south-southwest of Frosty Flights is a peninsula. At the very tip of it, you’ll find a forbidden dance sign.
  9. To the southeast of Frosty Flights, you’ll find a hill with a campsite on top of it. There is a sign located right next to the tent.
  10. At the racetrack northeast of Paradise Plains, you’ll see a sign right next to the taco shop.
  11. Southeast of Paradise Plains is a large mountain. You’ll find the sign between three cacti.

Fortnite Forbidden Dance Challenge Reward

For completing the Fortnite Forbidden Dance Challenge, you’ll get five battle stars. It’s not a huge reward, but it’s another step up on the rung and might help you tier up.